There is plenty of volleying about which part of the human body is the most precious part. Is it the heart, the great muscle that is constantly working to pump blood to all of your other vital organs? Is it the lungs, which supplies crucial oxygen to the blood? Is it your largest organ the skin, which protects you from the elements? While all of those and many other body parts are of great importance to a person’s survival, the most important organ is unquestionably the brain.

The brain is the center of the nervous system for not just humans but all other vertebrate creatures as well as most invertebrate creatures. It controls the involuntary workings of all of your other organs that keep you alive and moving not to mention giving you your five senses, your balance, and of course your intellect. Here are just a few facts that you may or may not know about your grey matter.

Brain Freeze!

Who hasn’t eaten ice cream so fast that they have felt an attack of painful cold in their sinuses? The scientific term for this, loving known as brain freeze, is “sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia.”

The Air That I Breathe

When your heart stops, it can be restarted by defibrillators or CPR, but the sooner it is beating again the better. If the brain is deprived of oxygen for just 5-10 minutes, which is delivered by the blood that heart pumps, permanent damage to the brain will occur.

Civil War?

You’ve probably been told that your right brain hemisphere controls creativity and the left controls logic, right? That’s a myth: the brain is a single organ than works as a single unit, not two separate parts.

Spry For An Old Guy

Plenty of people think that everything in your body stops growing once you hit physical maturity. But the brain keeps developing well into your forties.

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