In the 90’s, millions of kids grew up watching NBC’s ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’. The series helped jumpstart the acting career of a then known Grammy Award-winning hip-hop artist, Will Smith. Throughout the years, ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ has become a staple in pop culture and can be considered a classic television show. Due to syndication, many kids born after the series ended are able to watch, laugh and relate to the series. While the show is still extremely popular 19 years after its ending, there are still some facts about the series people may not know about.

Will And Jada Met On Set

Jada initially auditioned on the show for the role of Will’s girlfriend, Lisa. She didn’t get the role because she was considered to be too short. Will and Jada remained friends after meeting on set, and the rest is history.

Will Smith Took Role Due To Debt

While Will Smith was a pretty popular rapper before the series, he was in serious debt. He spent most of his earnings from rapping buying expensive things and without paying taxes he owed the IRS. He took the role to help payback the government instead of filing for bankruptcy.

NBC Cancelled The Show Prematurely

NBC cancelled the series during its fourth season when Will decided to stay in Philly instead of returning to Bel-Air. Fans of the show rallied up and sent letters to the network, producers and Will Smith asking them to renew the series. It worked because NBC brought Fresh Prince back for two more seasons.

Inspired A Pair Of Air Jordans

Without a doubt the show has made its mark on pop culture. The series inspired a special pair of Air Jordans called ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Jordans’. They are very colorful and represent the vibrant cross colors we all love from the 90’s.

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