Being British is a weird, scary, and wonderful thing. Located somewhere in the middle of a huge ocean, the country is a blip in the scheme of things, surrounded by much larger, more powerful neighbors. Somehow, though, Britain has made a name for itself and in the international scheme of things, manages to stand up on its own feet.

Whilst Britain is hugely represented in the media, to actually be British is a different thing entirely. Each day is a balancing act of very specific social rules and except for those born there, nobody really catches on. Unless you’re British, you won’t really get these uniquely local things.

The Meaning Of A Cheeky Nandos

Non-Brits despaired recently on what going for a cheeky Nandos actually means and despite their best efforts, locals really couldn’t put it into words. At the end of a hard day, when all seems lost and cold, the cozy light of Nandos are like mecca to most Brits and nipping in for a cheeky meal is a bad night’s saving grace.

The Confusing Regional Differences

The Scottish hate the English, the English hate the Welsh, the Welsh hate the Scottish and no one’s really sure about Northern Ireland. The weird intricacies of a country the size of a postage stamp should be baffling but for locals, it’s just another part of life.

The Majesty Of British Chocolate

Until you’ve tried British chocolate, you haven’t lived. Whilst other nationalities think they have the secret to chocolate mastered, it’s just because they haven’t tried Dairy Milk. Try and get a Brit to try any other chocolate at all and you will have a long battle on your hands.

The Relationship Between David Cameron And Nick Clegg

Before the recent election, former rivals David Cameron and Nick Clegg had something of a “special” relationship. Whilst outsiders saw the pair as a harmonious duo, true Brits understood the passive aggressive weirdness that was going on behind the scenes.

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