Walt Disney World has created many memories for families all across the globe. Most families even make it a tradition to return to the iconic vacation destination multiple times. Disney realizes that they have a nostalgic grasp on a majority of the population, so they do their best to preserve most of their memorable features. Most of the attractions at Walt Disney World remain primarily the same as they did when they were first built, with a few tweaks here and there to ensure things work properly. However, even with the efforts to retain those nostalgic factors, there are quite a few things that have been demolished, remodeled, removed, and even abandon. This list details 20 things that have been lost in the sea of the ever-changing theme park, and that must continue to live on in the memories of the masses.

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

This popular ride closed in 1998, and still to this day Disney fanatics plead for its return. It has been replaced with The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh, which has gone on to become more successful than the original ride design. Supposedly, in the cemetery of the Haunted Mansion, a tombstone is engraved with a dedication to Mr. Toad.

Yellow Ponchos

Even on a rainy day, it’s easy to find plenty of things to do at Walt Disney World. The Disney merchandise stores sell over-priced rain ponchos so the guests can continue their day without problems. Up until 2003, the ponchos were an iconic yellow color, but that changed when Disney ditched the yellow ponchos for clear ones.


Believe it or not, but even Disney’s trash cans are memorable! Each “Land” of the Magic Kingdom has a unique theme that applies to all of the decorations, including the trash cans. The most iconic trash can at the Magic Kingdom was PUSH the talking trashcan. After 19 years of entertainment, this hilarious trashcan-on-wheels was “canned” after a contract between Disney and the robotics team responsible for him ended.

Ride Tickets

Back when Walt Disney World opened up in 1971, in order to ride each individual attraction you were required to purchase separate tickets. The tickets were categorized from A through E, with A representing slower moving rides, such as The Carasoul, and E representing what Disney considered to be thrill rides, like Space Mountain. In addition to these tickets, you had to pay for park admission. Luckily, Disney has removed this ticketing system but one might argue that their current admission price is pretty steep.

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