When you’re a child, living with your best friend is something that you can only dream about. Spending every moment of free time you share together, you make plans for the future, secretly wishing that you could just grow up already. As an adult, living with your BFF is better than you had ever dreamed; every day is a sleepover and you can eat all the snacks you want without the prying eyes of your parents. Over time, though, you start to develop some freaky habits that, were anyone else to see, would be completely embarrassing. Living with your best friend will change you completely and pretty soon, you will forget what life was like before.

You Discuss “Would You Rather” For Hours

What started out as a silly time waster soon becomes something completely serious. You spend hours debating each ‘Would You Rather’ question and to this day, you can’t decide between feet as hands or hands as feet.

You Know Everything About Their Bodily Functions

From digestive problems to skin irritations and allergies, if there’s something wrong with your body, your BFF knows about it. Just think of it as a dry run for your pensioner years.

You Can Exist For Days In Silence

For all the hours you spend talking to one another, you can spend the same amount of time wrapped in easy, comfortable silence. You can practically read each other’s minds, so who needs to talk?

You Text From Across The Room

If you’re sitting on the sofa and need a snack, you text your BFF in their room. You text each other more than family members and significant others and everyone else is just going to have to deal with that.

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