Contrary to popular belief, being in your 20’s isn’t all fun and games. Leaving college and entering the real world is a huge shock to the system and it’s hardly surprising that, for most people, being a 20 something is a bit of a struggle. Whilst you might be considered to be in the prime of your life, you guiltily hate every second of being in your 20’s and even though the dreaded 3-0 is just around the corner, you look forward to the next decade of your life with a very real hunger. If you’re in your 20’s, we feel your pain and if you’re not, make sure you never utter these things to someone who is.

So, What Are Your Plans For The Future?

As soon as you leave school, every day is like a minefield of awkward questions and probing enquiries. With every new person that you meet, you know exactly what they are going to ask you and you have to really stop yourself from shaking them, hard.

I Can’t Believe You’re Still Single!

According to pretty much everyone, it is desperately tragic to still be single in your 20’s. Those who are unlucky in love get the added bonus of hearing about it at every social occasion, which does wonders for self esteem.

Aren’t You A Little Old To Be Wearing That?

Despite having been a teenager a few years ago, all of sudden your entire wardrobe is off limits. You never even thought about covering your knees before but now, you feel scandalous for wearing a v-neck.

Did You Buy That Yourself?

If you’re lucky enough to be self-sufficient in your 20’s, then good for you. On the rare occasion that you actually decide to treat yourself to something, though, you face the ridicule of older friends who can’t hardly believe that you have any sort of cash.

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