At some point or another, we’ve all experienced a feeling of déja vu. The notion that we have experienced something before, déja vu is characterized by a creeping sense of recognition which manifests itself in shivers down our spine, or prickles on the backs of our necks. While for many of us, the feeling is not something that goes any further, for a select few, it can turn into something very scary indeed. When feelings of déja vu or premonition actually come true, it can be a very unsettling feeling and while it is something that most of us don’t believe in, it turns out that some cases might be grounded in reality.

Across history, there have been a number of weird premonitions that have come true and it is only by experiencing devastating destruction that some people have been able to realize the gravity of their foresight. Without further ado, read on to find out 20 terrifying premonitions that shouldn’t have been overlooked.

The American Airlines 191 Crash

The crash of American Airlines flight 191 in 1970 rocked the entire world. Whilst reports put the disaster down to an engine breaking loose, it turns out that the plane’s captain, David Booth, had had a premonition of the disaster that was to come. For 10 days leading up to the event, Booth dreamt of a jetliner flipping of the runway, bursting into flames. Whilst Booth told officials of his nightmares before it happened, no-one took him seriously.

The 9/11 Disaster

The events of the 9/11 disaster were some of the most shocking in history and even 14 years later, still make an impact. Wall Street executive Barry Naylor was just one of many who claimed to have foreseen the events, having been overcome by a feeling of dread on the morning of the disaster. Luckily, Naylor’s foresight prevented him from going to work and ultimately saved his life.

The Death Of Greg Buckley

Whilst training for a posting in Afghanistan, soldier Greg Buckley was plagued with terrible visions of his own death, which he could not shake. When another trainee told him that he wouldn’t be needed in Afghanistan, Buckley became even more alarmed. A few days later, Buckley was murdered by the same man, who went on to shoot two more marines.

The Painting Of Reeva Steenkamp

The murder of Reeva Steenkamp in South Africa caused a media frenzy that went on for months. Whilst dying at a young age might be unthinkable to most people, it seems that Steenkamp might have been aware of her fate when she was a child. An early painting shows Steenkamp gasping in horror at a man holding a gun, an image she claimed was inspired by a dream that depicted her own death.

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