In today’s modern world, eating healthy is a huge trend. However, with so much information out there and so many different people trying to tell you what diet you should try, it can be very tricky to sort the truth from the fiction. It’s time to forget complicated diets, which can be hard to keep up with and even harder to lose weight on. When diets end, the weight usually comes back — this is why we’ve compiled a list of foods to incorporate into your everyday eating, to keep you in tip-top shape!

Black Beans

Believe it or not, black beans pack in a whole lot of protein, without any of the saturated fats that come with red meats. Use them in salads, your favorite light Mexican recipes, or with rice as a side to make it extra filling!


Lean protein is the best protein, and that is exactly what salmon has to offer. While most people go to red meats to keep them full, proteins like salmon are actually a much healthier option because it has much less fat while offer boosting nutrients.


Everybody knows that avocados come with plenty of fats. Even just the word can be scary, but don’t let it chase you off! Eating the right fats can actually be fantastic for your health. Half an avocado provides plenty of Oleic acid, which battles hunger to keep you full and slim.


Oats, which are great for snacking in granola, cereal, or oatmeal, contain a lot of fiber. This will keep you full throughout the day, while the oats also provide good carbs that boost your metabolism, therefore burning fat.

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