Nowadays, it seems that if you want to be anyone, you have to be tall. Photos of Taylor Swift and her impossibly leggy best friends are made public everyday and while the girls were originally thought to be out-of-this-world amazonian beauties, now, they’re just the norm.

We should all take a moment to think about the short girl. In an ever-growing world, being short is no easy matter and if you’ve ever struggled to reach groceries, fit into children’s clothing or been mistaken for a pre-teen, this one’s for you. We feel your struggle.

Trying To Take A Photo With Friends

Taking a photo in which all of your friends look good is hard enough, but add in the fact that you can barely fit in the frame, and you’ve got a whole new set of struggles. Standing on your tiptoes is okay and all that, but after a few minutes, it gets a little humiliating.

Reaching Food In Supermarket Freezers

Why do supermarkets insist on putting all of the best food in the back of the freezer? You’ve been tempted to have a serious word with the manager on more than one occasion for fear of getting trapped in the giant freezer.

Going Jogging With A Taller Friend

Exercising with anyone taller than you is always a recipe for disaster. You always end up doing at least double the amount of steps than your friend and sweating at least half your body weight in water. Attractive.

Trying To Hug Taller Friends

While you love showing your affection towards your friends, it always ends in a face full of their chest for you. You can only endure the briefest of hugs for fear of being suffocated.

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