There are many struggles that every college student knows all too well. College students have to learn how to deal with moving far away from their home, as well as learning how to live with another individual. The life of a college student is a unique one and only those that have decided to pursue a higher education can relate. Let’s take a look at some of the everyday struggles that every college student has had to deal with.

Buying Textbooks

Textbooks for college course are ridiculously expensive. Most times you buy all the books listed on your syllabus, only to find out you didn’t even need them, bummer.

Having a Roommate

Going to college means that you will be forced to share a living space with someone. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to share your room with a cool person. If not, just count down the days till the semester is over.

Fire Drills/Alarms

Those unplanned fire alarms in the dorm are annoying. Yes, they could be needed in case of a real emergency. However, if they happen in the middle your shower or while you’re sleeping, you will definitely start to hate them.

Comprehensive Final Exams

When your professors tell you that your final exam would be comprehensive, you probably freaked out. Its kind of hard to try to remember and study everything you learned in one semester.

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