Summer time is a time for spending days on the beach, whether you’re in the water or bathing in the sun. Many people spend time strolling along the beach looking for shells, driftwood and other natural treasures. However, those are some of the tame natural items you can find on the beach. There are also so strange ones. Plus, you may find some shocking, not so natural, items on some beaches, as you’ll find out soon enough. Here are 20 of most strange things that have washed up on shores of beaches all over the world.

Strange Jelly Fish

These weird jelly fish looking creatures are known as by-the-wind-sailor, and in August of 2014 thousands of them washed up on beaches in the states of Washington, Oregon and even California.

Fly Swatters

Container spills happen often on the Pacific Ocean, and in 2012 one of those spills sent college team fly swatters to Alaskan shores.




The ship known as Mondriaan dropped some containers when they were stuck in a storm, leaving shoes to wash up on the shores of Terschelling Island, The Netherlands.

Rubber Duckies

Of all the things to fall off a cargo ship, arguably the cutest was a crate of 28,000 rubber ducks and other bath toys. They went overboard in 1992, and beachcombers all over the world are still coming across the rubber ducks today—more than twenty years later.


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