This is a crazy and strange world we live in, and we make it even crazier by concocting the weirdest, grossest and most unappetizing dishes you’ll ever see. From bird nest soup to all of the strange cuisines us humans come up with at state fairs, you’re bound to find strange foods in every corner of the world. While this list my comprise of some foods you’ve already seen, heard of or even tasted, there will be some that will shock you. After reading through this list, you’ll be asking yourself ‘Who in their right mind would eat that?’ To answer that question, we’d like to remind you of all of the crazy people in the world.


Hakari is the national dish of Iceland and consists of fermented shark meat which has been hung to dry for four to five months. Many consider it an acquired taste.

Bird’s Nest Soup

Bird’s nest soup doesn’t actually contain bird’s nest as we know it, rather the nests are made from the bird’s saliva, which dries and hardens. It is seen as not just a delicacy, but also a medicinal concoction in various Asian cultures.

Escamoles (Ants’ Larvae) – Mexico

Apparently, ants’ larvae is gathered from the bottoms of agave leaves, and often cooked in butter. Yum!

Lutefisk – Scandinavia

Basically, it’s a dish made of whitefish soaked in lye, then after a week, it’s cooked and ready to eat. It’s served more often in the US than it is in Scandinavia. To say this has to be the weirdest method of cooking fish is an understatement.

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