Animals are unpredictable, mostly because they speak a different language than people do. To some extent, most animal behaviors are similar. But there are a few animal behaviors that are plain odd and can be either completely frightening or amazingly awesome. For example, sheep have the ability to attract Scotsmen and New Zealanders and dogs will go after their own butts for hours. However, there are some strange animal behaviors you never knew existed. Read on to find out more strange behaviors shown by animals.

African Elephants

Over the course of past decades, young African elephants have been known to kill rhinos for no obvious reason. Park rangers decided to institute a ‘big brother’ program that paired older elephants with young ones that will hopefully prevent the teens from acting up. Surprisingly, the program worked and deaths of rhinos have gone down.


Some animals, such as dogs, are said to predict earthquakes up to one week in advance.


Crows can remember human faces. Researchers who trapped some crows for research made this discovery when the crows would regularly heckle them whenever they entered into the laboratory. By using masks, researchers came to realize that the crows in fact held a grudge against the individuals who had trapped them.

Horned Lizards

Horned Lizards squirt blood out of their eyes when they feel threatened by a predator.

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