Swimming pools are something that we don’t expect to be fancy or unusual. In fact, as long as they are well maintained, clean and affordable, most people are perfectly happy as swimming is generally an exercise activity that doesn’t require any frills. That all changes on holiday, though, when people are not using swimming pools as a way to keep fit but instead want to spend their time in the pool cooling down from the sun and enjoying themselves. In these cases, it becomes more important for a facility to not only be functioning but to also look good and be distinctive.

To that end, hotels, resorts and tourist destinations around the world have designed ever more unusual and impressive pools in order to astound their guests and get people to choose them over a rival. This has culminated in some frankly absurd yet amazing swimming pools such as the ones featured here.

Joule Hotel

Sat in the middle of Dallas, the Joule Hotel has become a well-known local feature thanks to its rather unusual swimming pool that extends out away from the building and overlooks the walkway below. The glass panels at the edge provides guests at the five star hotel the chance to see just how far up the 10th floor really is.

Homestead Crater

Almost completely naturally made, this crater is located in Midway, Utah and has been slowly eroded for thousands of years. The water is pleasantly warm and a local hotel has taken advantage of the crater and now uses it as their swimming pool.

Pamukkale Pools

A series of naturally occurring bodies of water, the Pamukkale pools are located in Denizli Province in Turkey. Created from hot springs that force warm water into the various crevices and terraces, they have become a popular tourist attraction in recent times. The ice white color of the travertine limestone also contrasts with the surrounding area, providing a spectacular look.

The Sarojin

This unique swimming pool is part of The Sarojin Hotel, a five star luxury resort in Thailand that has been open since 2005. It specializes in giving its guests the most relaxing stay possible and this fancy pool will certainly help with that.

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