People learn at a very early age just how important trees are to the world – they give us shade from harmful UV rays, hold the soil together to prevent erosion, and play a vital role in providing air. It is easy to admire their utility, however it is very easy to overlook just how interesting and beautiful they can be. Here are a number of strange and wondrous trees from across our amazing planet for your enjoyment.

Baobab Tree

Perhaps you read The Little Prince as a child and are familiar with the name, but most are probably not able to easily recognize this oddly shaped African native. The more uniquely shaped of this species is the Teapot Baobab, which has a fire-resistant trunk that can store great amounts of water.

Dragon’s Blood Tree

Despite its gruesome sounding name this sculpted looking tree is a strange and beautiful sight on the Socotra island of Yemen. Various parts of the tree have homeopathic uses, such as the root – which is used as an astringent and a toothpaste, the resin – used as a dye due to its deep red color, and the leaves – which are used to prevent flatulence.

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