Every single person on our planet has an addiction. Some of them are perceived to be normal because they’re common and a lot of people have them. On the other hand, there are many addictions that are so strange that we had to look on anonymous posting websites just to find them. In this top 20 list, some addictions will be utterly shocking, some will be downright hilarious and some will leave you clueless. Nevertheless, read on to find out about 20 strange addictions you may never have heard of.

Urine Addiction

A lot of people don’t know the taste of urine and that is perfectly normal. However, there are some exceptions. An anonymous woman named Carrie loves to drink her own urine. During her life, she has consumed more than 900 gallons of her urine.

Car Addiction

Men like cars, it isn’t a secret and we all know that there are some men who really love their cars. The winner has to be Nathaniel. He says that he fell in love with his 1998 Monte Carlo. He named the car Chase and the “two” of them go out on dates and Nathaniel buys anniversary presents for his car. It looks like this ”relationship” can last a lifetime.

Cat Addiction

Cats are the second most common pets in the United States. People usually like cats because they are smart and they are very adorable. However, a 43 year old woman who will only go her first name, Lisa, is addicted to her cat. She eats clumps of its hair and when she cannot find them, she licks her cat.

Blood Addiction

Blood addiction originated from vampire movies and TV shows. For Michelle this is a serious addiction. This lady has been drinking pig and human blood for the past 15 years. Though blood drinkers generally hide their identity, there seem to be quite a few online communities where these strange individuals convene.

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