For some people, clowns are nothing to be frightened of, for others, even the cutest clowns make them pee their pants. Coulrophobia is the technical term for a fear of clowns. However, even those that love clowns may be frightened by some of the clowns in this list. Some of them are shocking just to look at, while others are just scary because of what they did. Beware, you may suddenly develop a case of Coulrophobia after you get through with this list!

American Horror Story (2014)

This clown from American Horror Story simply looks scary. Even someone that loves clowns might back away from Twisty, who was featured in American Horror Story: Freakshow.

Stephen King’s IT (1990)

Pennywise was a pretty scary clown — this demon tries to lure kids into the storm drains with balloons. “We all float down here.” Nobody should trust a clown that turns into a giant spider.

Amusement (2008)

With his missing nose, this clown is sure to frighten even the oldest kids at heart. In this movie, a twisted little boy plots revenge on some girls from school. Oh the horror!

Poltergeist (1982)

Even toy clowns can get a bad rap when they are part of a poltergeist possession in a house built on a grave yard. If you think the original Poltergeist clown was scary, wait until you see the new one.

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