Funny how we claim to love our pets unconditionally — sometimes even more than friends and family — yet we do things to them that, though not necessarily harmful, are quite embarrassing. If our pets could talk they would probably tell you how ticked off they are for constantly being pranced around in nail polish, doggy thongs and kitty wigs. Unfortunately our furry friends can’t really voice their opinions in ways we can properly comprehend, which is why these 20 ridiculous pet products exist.

Toilet Bowl Water Fountain

Since some pets seem to enjoy drinking from the toilet, why not give them a toilet bowl water fountain? In case you’re interested you can find this on Amazon for about $35.

Dog Beer

Don’t worry about your dog getting drunk off this brew. This is actually a non-alcoholic and non-carbonated beer made exclusively for man’s best friend.

Some even come in flavors such as beef or chicken. So, the next time you buy a six pack, don’t forget to pick one up for your dog as well. Cheers!

Toilet Training Kit For Cats

Hey cat ladies and gents, if you’re getting tired of cleaning up after your feline friends then this one will definitely make you happy.

Companies such as CittiKitty and Litter Kwitter have created toilet training kits for your cats. I suppose if you can potty train a child then why not a cat, right? This is just wrong!

Dog Thongs

Believe it or not, someone thought it was a good idea to make thongs for dogs. I know we like to treat our pets like humans, but this is really pushing it. If I were a dog I would be pretty ticked off about this one.

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