Irukandji Jellyfish

One of the most minute creatures in the water, the irukandji jellyfish isn’t much to look at. Be wary of getting close to the miniature jellyfish, however; with a venom 100 times more deadly than that of a cobra, the sea creature is incredibly dangerous and if you manage to spot one before it’s too late, brace yourself for a whole lot of pain.

Saltwater Crocodiles

The words “never smile at a crocodile” get a little too real when you come face to face with the toothy reptiles. There’s no denying the fact that crocodiles are one of the most deadly predators known to man, and if you make your way to Australia, they’re everywhere to be seen.

Flying Fox

While bats might often be mistaken for small birds, there are a number of species which can grow to be much larger. The flying fox is roughly the size of a small child, and is truly the stuff of nightmares. Although the creatures only eat plant matter, the mere sight of them is enough to put anyone off venturing into the wilderness alone.

Giant Venomous Centipedes

Anything with more than four legs should be avoided like the plague, and in Australia, there’s no end to the many-legged critters. The most dangerous is without a doubt the giant venomous centipede, which gets its name for its nasty bite. While normally harmless, the centipede’s venom has been known to cause extreme physical pain and in rare occasions, death.

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