For many people around the world, Australia is the ultimate mothership. Blessed with incredible summers, even better beaches and some of the most killer activities in the world, the country attracts thousands of new residents and even more tourists each year. There is another side to Oz, however, that you might not be so thrilled with. Home to some of the most deadly wildlife and plenty of killer storms, Australia is one of the most dangerous places you could choose to live in the world. If you already live in Australia, we feel your pain. If not, revel in the crazy dangers that lurk in every corner of the mammoth country.


Despite being the size of a small emu, and donning some colorful headgear, the cassowary is not one to mess with. One of the most aggressive birds around, they have been known to attack humans on a regular basis. Whilst the animals are mainly confined in controlled environments around Australia, many still lurk in the wild.

Australian Waters

Whilst you might think that it’s safe to enter the Australian waters inland, think again. The country’s lakes and rivers have been known to contain deadly diseases and virus strains that, if you become exposed to, could prove to be fatal. Swim, anyone?

Deadly Pythons

If snakes aren’t your thing, you might want to reconsider making the move to Australia. With a huge population of the deadliest snakes on the planet, Australia isn’t exactly the safest place to be, and unless the prospect of being ingested alive doesn’t scare you, we suggest avoiding the creatures at all costs.

Box Jellyfish

Teeth aren’t always the only thing you should fear, however. The box jellyfish is a creature with neither teeth nor claws and yet, can be responsible for irreparable damage and injury. Releasing a venom deadly to humans, the box jellyfish is not one to mess with and if you think you see tentacles in the water, you should swim in the opposite direction.

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