Lost Alamo Treasure (Texas, USA)

Everyone knows the story of the Alamo. Over 100 brave men in the state of Texas fought and died against the Mexican army. Supposedly treasure from San Saba was buried within the grounds of the Alamo. Apparently, the treasure was buried for safe keeping in case an army or supplies were needed for upcoming wars.

Royal Casket (Poland)

The Royal Casket was a memorial created in 1800 for Polish royalty. Over 70 precious relics was inside the casket which ranged from past royal gems to artwork. When World War II started, the casket was hidden away within Poland but went missing, leaving the content and its whereabouts unknown.

Dutch Schultz (New York, USA)

Crime mobster Dutch Schultz was infamous during the 1930’s for bootlegging and running numbers. When the IRS was seeking Dutch out, he tossed in around $7 million of his profits in an iron safe that he buried at a secret location. Dutch and his bodyguard were going to go back and dig the safe up after the IRS was through with their research but while out enjoying dinner, Dutch, and his bodyguard was murdered. No one has yet to claim the safe and its contents.

Barber Dimes (Colorado, USA)

If you collect coins, then you should know that the 1907 Barber dime is a rare piece to own. Over four million of these dimes were minted, but just a dozen is known to exist. The rest of these coins have been lost within Colorado’s Black Canyon. A wagon that was transporting these mints slid off the Black canyon and crashed down below. With no way of knowing just where it crashed, the wagon and its shipment, said to be worth $3,000,000, is still available for treasure hunters.

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