The Amber Room (Germany)

The Amber Room was a world famous chamber within Germany that held panels filled with gold. During World War II, when Germany entered Russia, the room was disassembled and shipped to Konigsberg, East Prussia. That particular area, however, was bombed by the Allies — leaving the contents of the room uncovered. Only a small portion of a mosaic stone was recovered in 1997, leaving the rest to be buried away.

Graff Diamonds (London)

Just a few years ago, in 2009, a diamond heist within London has left Graff Diamonds with over $60 million in the hole. Thieves, who have since been arrested, stole several items which included diamonds, bracelets, rings, wristwatches, and necklaces. While the thieves have been caught, the items remain missing.

Flor do Mar (Unknown)

The Flor do Mar is a Portuguese carrack that was filled with gold and diamonds from the King of Siam as a tribute to King Alfonso. However, when the ship was returning with over sixty tons of gold and diamonds, it got trapped in a massive storm and sank to the bottom of the sea. It’s believed that the ship is somewhere near Malacca, but has yet to be found.

Peking Man Remains (China)

In 1920, archaeologists found skulls that showed off a different species of humanoids which is believed to have lived over 500,000 years ago. During 1941, these skulls were transported from China to the United States for safe keeping until the end of World War II. Sadly, these skulls, along with the ship, went missing and are forever lost at sea.

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