The law of entropy states that everything in the world is moving from order to chaos. This is why perfection is such a momentary accomplishment and it needs to be celebrated and cherished whenever it comes by. This is a major factor behind sports fans holding every record in such high regard, because it is only magnificent until it is broken, and more often than not, every record is eventually bested. Just like perfect moments, perfectionists are hard to come by. If everyone aimed at perfection in every task they undertook, then the world would be a very different place. Here is a collection of 20 pictures that will make every perfectionist in the world smile:

The Perfect Joe

Nearly everyone in the world loves their hot cup of coffee in the morning, but how many people can make their cup look like this?

Perfect Grounds-Keeping

Creating a pattern like this for a massive field must require quite an eye and a bird in the sky!

The Perfect Faucet

Although this image is stunning, the faucet seems like a bad idea to conserve water. Most people must leave it on just to observe the amazing pattern.

Stacked To Perfection

Being a grocer might seem like a mundane job, but this person clearly takes pride in their work and decided to show the world exactly how exciting stacking fruit can be.

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