Yes we know animals can be cute and cuddly when they choose to be. The problem is, they don’t always choose to be. From scratching your eyes out to pooping in your shoes, sometimes animals can be downright rude. Let’s be honest though sometimes these actions are provoked, if you mistreat an animal, of course they will retaliate. But provoked or not, there are instances where animals can just be jerks, and when they are the results are often quite hilarious.. See for yourselves!

Cat Attack

Read a book you say? Not on my watch buster!

Racoon Envy

This Racoon is clearly jealous of her gorgeous blond locks. She might need a wig after this!

Doggy Seat

Move your car-seat out the way kid; I need to be near the window!

Rude Dog

I need something comfy to sit on, oh wait this fluffy cat will do!

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