If you are looking for a good laugh, then you have come to the right place. Animals can be the cutest things out there, and these photos prove just that. These perfectly timed pictures of various animals licking windows show just how adorable and crazy they can be at times. We wonder if some of these animals don’t know if there’s actually a window there at all, they’re just having the time of their lives licking water droplets, or in one case, peanut butter.


This looks like a husky gone wild! Either they are very excited to be outside or they really want whats on the other side of that glass, but it definitely looks like one happy dog to us!


From this photo, it appears that the tongue might be bigger than this little pug! That is one long tongue for such a small dog, but they must have tasted something good on the window because they are bringing out the whole tongue to lick it up.

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