Everyone knows that tattoos are forever. You would think that knowing this, people would try not to get inked with anything they will regret. Alas, some people will never learn. In general, getting a significant other’s name, a random doodle, or just something that seems like a good idea at the time, doesn’t exactly translate they were it was intended to. And despite them always being surrounded by a team of stylists and advisors, celebrities seem to take the cake with a lot of truly awful tattoos. Here are 20 celebrities with arguably some of the worst tattoos ever seen.

Cara Delevingne

This British super model got her favorite food tattooed on the bottom of her foot. That way, no one will ever have to see it.

Kelly Osbourne

Osbourne got the word “Stories” tattooed onto her cranium. Clearly she’ll have a lot of stories about getting this tattoo, but hopefully she’s not too regretful.

Cheryl Cole

The British pop star decided to just go for it and get an entire rose garden tattooed on her backside. Needless to say, Cole must be the butt of a lot of jokes.


Steve-O tattooed his own face onto his back, leaving the rest of us wondering if maybe the Jackass star hit his head one too many times.

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