Here’s a mood-setter for this list: 1991’s Street Fighter II not only became the backbone of the entire genre for decades to come, but also introduced the world to Blanka, the Brazilian wild man who turned green from eating plants in the rain forest and shrouds himself in electricity thanks to learning from eels. That character is not on this list. Those unfamiliar with the medium are in for a treat — because the characters on this list defy belief, common sense, and at least eighteen state laws.


Previous Guilty Gear installments in the franchise had him as “Dr. Baldhead”, but the character is generally the same: a nine-foot-tall madman whose weapon of choice is a scalpel as tall as he is. Prone to shambling across the ground like a cockroach, Faust’s game plan revolves around tossing out all sorts of random items, from hammers to toy robots to oil drums; if that doesn’t work, he’ll use his scalpel as a Pogo stick and hammer anyone who looks at him funny. Incidentally, he’s one of the nicest and well-spoken characters in the entire franchise — as long as he’s not in the middle of a toss-up.


In all fairness, Killer Instinct’s Glacius likely isn’t the only alien to grace a fighting game; on the other hand, he’s still an alien in a fighting game. His biology is up in the air, but those that go up against him have a lot more to worry about — even beyond his total control over ice. Rather than rely solely on punches and kicks, Glacius can and will harass enemies from yards away, peppering them with frozen spires and hail before introducing them to a brutal tackle. All told, he’d make a perfect addition to the NFL.

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