Planet Earth has a lot of wondrous, weird animals located in every neck of the woods or depths of the oceans. However, there are some that we probably haven’t even discovered. But it’s hard to imagine what’s out there is any weirder than what scientists have already found. These twenty animals manage to make people stop and scratch their head for a moment. Some are known, but others may be completely new to your eyes. Enjoy the weirdest the animal kingdom has to offer.

The Pacu Fish

The Pacu Fish is especially terrifying thanks to the set of human-like teeth inside its mouth. Throughout South America, this fish is known as the “ball biter” due to its bad habit of chomping down on the male testicles while they are in the water.

Yeti Crab

Most people don’t think of hair when they are thinking of a crab. However, the Yeti Crab has fur covering its appendages. The first crab was discovered in 2005 in the South Pacific Ocean. It was found 1,500 km south of Easter Island.

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