Everyone loves animals, from the domestic pets to wildlife. While most animals don’t have totally strange names, groups of animals sometimes do have some odd ones. You’ve likely heard of a flock of seagulls (not the band) and a gaggle of geese, but there are many more stranger ones than these. Most of the names you’ll find below are at least kind of creepy. However, you may find at least one cute one! If you ran into some of these groups you might shudder, either way, read on and find out twenty names for animal groupings.

A Cloud of Bats

Most people only see a couple bats flying around in the yards at one time, eating up pesky bugs. However, there is a reason that groups of bats are called a cloud (among other things). It’s because when you get a lot of them they look like a big black looming cloud.

An Audience of Squid

With those big buggy eyes, it makes sense that if you were around a group of squid you’d feel as though you have an audience.

A Romp of Otters

A romp of otters needs to be romping around in your yard right now, doesn’t it?

A Crash of Rhinoceroses

They say someone that has a tendency to knock things down or bump into things is like a bull in a China shop. Maybe they should say it’s like a crash of rhinoceroses. No one wants to crash into one of those.

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