The United States is filled with towns and cities in every state. While many of these towns and cities have ordinary names that are repeated across the country, there are several unique names floating around that may catch you by surprise. While some may sound too crazy to be true, here is a list of 20 of the strangest that can be found. Be sure to add these to your bucket list and get on the road to see these hilarious places for yourself.

Frankenstein, Missouri

Frankenstein, Missouri, is an extremely small town located just east of the capital, Jefferson City. While this town was actually named after Gottfried Franken, it is still quite interesting that this was the chosen name. This city hosts a fall festival each year.

Accident, Maryland

Accident is also a very tiny town with a strange name. While the origin of the name isn’t completely unknown, this area was one of the first settled in the state. It has been said that people from this town are called “Accidentals”.

Embarrass, Minnesota

Embarrass was named by French fur traders during the 1700 or 1800’s. The river they needed to travel was shallow, rocky, and extremely difficult to navigate. The town is also said to be the coldest place in the state.

Whynot, North Carolina

The city of Whynot has quite a funny tale as to how it got its name. While the founders were struggling to come up with a name, one person suggested “Why not name the town Whynot and let’s go home?“. Despite the strange question, the other founders agreed and the name stuck.

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