Loom Band Clothing

Here’s something that’s definitely new and strange: clothing made out of the loom bands kids use for making potholders. Not sure how well this will catch on with the more sensible-minded people of the world. Still, you have to give the creators huge props for creativity, however strange the idea is.

Crocheted Tops – 1970’s

A blast from the past: crocheted tops. Crocheted anything has kind of come back around full circle, as fashions tend to do. But considering many of us probably grew up around crocheted crafts at church bazaars, the idea of wearing crocheted vests, tops or whatever else is, well, strange.

Polyester Print Shirts – 1970’s

Yes, polyester is still being used for men’s fashions, but it has yet to be seen whether this rather hilarious-looking style will ever be recycled. Men’s fashion doesn’t seem to get recycled as much as women’s do, so younger generations might be spared the strangeness, since not too many men can rock this style and not seem, well, cheesy.

Large Collars – 1970’s

Large collars were the big thing for both genders back in the 70’s, and the collars on these ladies’ dresses are just unreal. If these ever get brought back, let’s hope they don’t catch on.

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