Some people are realizing now that less is more, and are also being convinced that smaller houses are better as they can be portable and be moved when you want. Some have built their own houses, and have designed them to be very tiny, either just because it’s easier and takes less time to build or because they want to travel and be able to live in a home as well. We’ve put together a list of 20 Of The Smallest Houses In The World, to showcase these tiny yet amazing houses.

196-Square-Foot House, Idaho

Going through a divorce is a difficult, heartbreaking experience, most of the time it can bring you down and you feel as if you don’t want to do anything anymore. Other times it pushes you to become a better person. That was the case for architectural designer, Macy Miler.

A few years ago, Miller had gone through a divorce and was facing foreclosure on her 2,500-square-foot home. She then put $11,400 into building this small, 196-square-foot house, that she now shares with her partner, their newborn baby and their Great Dane.

Das Park Hotel, Austria And Germany

Not exactly a house, but this small round concrete thing is actually a hotel room at a hotel called “Das Park Hotel” located in both Austria and Germany.

The rooms have a double bed, next to the beds are small storage areas that contain more pillows and sheets. They have placed outlets in them for electronics, and there’s a small space under the bed that is used to place customer’s luggage.

The Yolo Cabin, California

This yolo cabin, is located on a farm in Yolo County, California. The inspiration for this cabin came from the local water towers in Yolo County. The main part of the cabin is elevated off the ground to circulate the air on hot nights and to also enhance the view. The cabin is also supported by glulam beams, so that it can be moved if desired.

House On Wheels

A few years ago, a young couple decided that they were bored of their jobs and wanted to pursue their dreams of becoming travel journalists, so they quit their jobs and thought that it would be a great idea to travel in a house they had built themselves. So they built this small travel house, moved out of their normal-size home and hit the road. They have said that they aren’t sure what they want to do when they have finished their travelling, but have also said that if they don’t lose much money doing this, they would love to continue it forever.

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