A trip to the barbershop is supposed to be a time of male bonding and proper grooming. This is where men and boys come together to talk about things like sports, news and women. When leaving the barber shop you are supposed to look even better than you did upon arrival. However, there are some situations when this is not the case, the actual haircut may end up looking worse than before. But nothing can be worse than the haircuts that are featured in this list. These images depict some of the ugliest haircuts of all time. Check them out and see if you agree with us.

Dog Head

This young man has immortalized his dog by having his hair cut and designed in his image. Alright, this isn’t actually real, but imagine seeing this.


One mustache wasn’t enough, this man had to get a second one on his forehead.

Curly Waves

This man decided to hide his forehead by having his hair come down in squiggly curls.

Flat Top

This young man liked the flat top haircuts of the eighties so much he incorporated spikes into his design.

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