If you think you have had some crazy birthday parties, you haven’t seen anything yet! Many of your favorite celebrities know how to party it up on their big day and many have known to pull out the most extreme things they can out of their hats to make their birthday the best one ever. Here are 20 of the craziest celebrity birthday parties you have ever heard of! You won’t be able to believe some of these!

Justin Bieber’s Clown Theme Birthday Party

Justin Beiber threw a clown themed birthday for himself for his 19th birthday and didn’t spare any expense on his special day. The singer ended up spending $20,000 for his 19th clown themed birthday party.

Oprah Winfrey and Bob Veloz Red Themed Birthday Party

It is no surprise that Oprah Winfrey and friend, Bob Veloz went all out for their joint birthday. For Oprah’s 60th birthday and Bob’s 80th birthday, the two friends used the color red for their birthday party. Other celebrities showed up in red gowns and red jewels to help Oprah and Bob celebrate their birthday. The party was so extravagant and had such tight security that even the resort employees weren’t allowed to walk through during the party. 200 of Oprah and Bob’s closest friends showed up for the joint birthday party.

Sir Philip Green’s Four Day Beach Party

Sir Philip Green is a multi-billionaire and made sure his 60th birthday party was one his guests wouldn’t ever forget. It lasted four days and cost $6 million to throw. He threw it on a beach where everyone could dance under fireworks until 6 am. All of the hottest celebrities were there. He even had a nightclub built on the cliff for his daughter’s 21st birthday which was just a few weeks after his.

Perez Hilton’s Carnival Themed Party

Perez Hilton became famous for writing about celebrities and gossiping about them on his website. He spared no expense to throw his 32nd birthday party and invited all of the hottest celebrities to come. Katy Perry entered the party on top of an elephant that was decked out in sequins and glitter. Since the theme of the party was a carnival, the bartenders had their faces painted like performers and acrobats performed for it. The dress code was Madonna themed and anyone who wasn’t dressed like Madonna was actually turned away. Sounds like one awesome birthday party!

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