Christian Bale

Everyone knows Christian Bale. He was the most recent dark knight in a trilogy of highly successful Batman films. During the filming for Terminator: Salvation, Christian Bale was in the spotlight again. A leaked audio clip was released of Christian Bale’s meltdown with the director of photography, Shane Hurlbut. Shane was accidentally in the shot while filming and it completely tipped Christian over the edge with a meltdown that was covered by every media outlet imaginable.

Edward Norton

When you’re an actor, people expect you to act and that’s pretty much it. Edward Norton seems to think acting also means controlling the direction of the film. There are reports made that Edward Norton likes to take over the director’s spot and decide what section of the story is shot and what makes it in the final cut. This is certainly annoying for directors who are trying to do their job and the result has probably hurt Edward Norton on landing a few acting roles.

Mike Myers

Mike Myers, Austin Powers and Shrek himself made our list. Surprisingly, funnyman Mike Myers is a pain but a genius all at the same time. Cast and crew that has worked with Myers have stated how moody he can be, with one report floating around says that he even fired a member from the crew simply because he looked the actor in the eye.

Jennifer Lopez

When Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony decided to split, Ms. Lopez was not speaking to anyone. The problem was she was also filming What to Expect When You’re Expecting. The actress wouldn’t speak to anyone while on set other than her lines while filming, so that created unneeded tension during the production.

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