Discomfort to the Extreme

In Northern Borneo, an island in Southeast Asia, people in the Tidong tribes have a particularly challenging tradition that occurs after the wedding. For three days, the new bride and groom are supposed to remain inside their house without using the bathroom. They’re expected to hold it all in for three days. Three days, people!

Into the Depths

In Fiji, when a man goes to a father to ask for permission to marry his daughter, it is custom for him to also bring a whale’s tooth. Perhaps this is as proof that he is willing to do anything for his potential bride — including, apparently, diving and cutting out a tooth from a whale, of all things.

Twice is Nice

There is a tribe in Southern Sudan known as the Neur tribe, who hold that a marriage is not secure until a woman has two children. If she can’t, a man can seek a divorce freely. The faces of these two adorable babies pretty much show what we feel about this.

Spitting Image

It’s always hard for a father to give away his precious daughter to a new man. However, this idea is shown in a rather unusual way for the Massai people in Kenya. At a Massai wedding, it is common for the father of the bride to bless his daughter by spitting on her head and breasts before she leaves with her husband. How sweet.

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