Each and every wedding, even in America, looks a little different. There are tons of age-old traditions and customs that can go into such a special event, which often change depending on the couple’s heritage or culture. And while some may seem weirder than others, there are some wedding traditions out there that are downright bizarre. This collection is guaranteed to make your jaw drop and question whether it’s actually worth it to get married in these places.

Blackening of the Bride

In certain parts of Scotland, some brides are made to endure a truly awful event in order to prove that they can survive marriage. Friends of the bride take her, throw any number of disgusting substances on her, and then tie her to a tree. Fun, right?

Shedding Tears

It is not uncommon for the bride and groom as well as those in attendance to get a little misty-eyed during the ceremony. However, bridal parties of the Tujia people in China take this emotional reaction to a whole new level. One month before the wedding, the bride will begin crying for one hour everyday. As the wedding gets closer, Mom and Grandma join in. This is supposed to be a symbolic show of joy, even though it doesn’t sound all that happy.

Bloody Beginning

For those of you who are particularly sensitive about your cute baby animals, you may want to remain ignorant of this next one. A people group known as the Daur in Chinese Inner Mongolia require the soon-to-be bride and groom to kill a baby chick while holding the knife together. Even that is enough to repulse most Americans, but it actually gets worse. They must then gut the animal to find the liver, and only if the liver looks healthy is the couple allowed to set a date for the nuptials.

Curse of the Bride

In India, a female born as a Manglik, or during the astrological period during which Mars and Saturn are together under the “seventh house”, is cursed to bring her husband an early death. The only way to rid herself of this curse? Before marrying a man, she has to marry a tree. Yes, you read that correctly. A tree. After that happens, the tree is to be cut down, thus breaking the curse.

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