Every single person on the planet has at least one fear or phobia. Some are totally normal fears, including heights, the dark and spiders. However, some phobias are much more odd than others. This list is a compilation of the most bizarre phobias that people actually have – including the fear of falling asleep, and the fear of not having cell phone service. Some of these fears sound so unbelievable that most people will write them off as being untrue, but the truth is that these are legitimate phobias that people deal with every day!


Aibohphobia is the fear of palindromes (words that are spelled backwards). Ironically, aibohphobia is a palindrome in itself.


Ablutophobia is the fear of bathing. It appears to show up more often in women and children. The phobia can manifest in many ways, from a fear of showering to a complete phobia of all washing, including washing hands and brushing teeth.


Hylophobia is the fear of wood, trees, and forests. It usually stems from a traumatic experience surrounding these things, such as being beaten with wood, or getting lost or attacked in a forest.


This fear is exactly what it sounds like – the fear of making decisions. This usually stems from a fear of being responsible for another person, and a fear of leadership. People with this phobia tend to avoid situations which force them to make decisions, and rely heavily on authority figures for guidance.

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