Who doesn’t love to appreciate the beauty of a fierce woman? It’s not hard to be appreciative of the women who grace this list with their presence and it is certain no one would dare complain about looking at them. While most of the picks for this list are thoroughly unsurprising, there are a few gorgeous gems you might not have expected in the top twenty. With dozens of successes already under their belts and many more soon to come, here twenty of the hottest ladies from around the globe.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba appears on almost every list of the hottest women, and it’s easy to see why. Alba is the founder and owner of the Honest Company. She is also an award winning actress, best-selling author and a mother of two .

Monica Bellucci

The selection of Italian actress and fashion model Monica Bellucci for any ranking of hot women hardly needs an explanation. Even at the age of forty, Bellucci is in no way hurting for work as an actress in the upcoming film “Spectre” as well as countless print ads.

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