Signs are seen everywhere. Businesses, offices, restaurants, stores and shops – they can’t be missed! Often, these signs display things like “business hours” or various sales and promotions, but every once in a while a sign is found that displays something much greater.

Humorous signs are one of the best things out there, whether they are intentionally funny or accidentally funny. These signs can make a bad situation comedic, or make a good situation even better! The following list is a compilation of twenty of the funniest signs from different businesses and offices across the U.S.!

The Hissing Booth

This booth probably doesn’t receive a lot of action.


Someone either thought themselves to be funny, or there’s just a malfunction with the door. Either way, these signs are confusing!

0 for $0

You get what you pay for… and in this case, you get nothing.

Too Much DHMO

Watch out! The water contains water!

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