If you are too busy during the day at work, believe us when we say you are not missing much on television. Thanks to Maury and The Jerry Springer Show, daytime talk shows have gone down the tubes and never coming back! The topics these shows come up with may be insane, but they definitely provide us with lots of laughs. Check out some of the funniest TV captions from daytime talk shows right here for a good laugh!

All For A Weave

First of all, these girls are 13 and 14 years old and should not be having sex! Where are their parents? Second, sex for a weave? This is our future generation!

The Dog Did It!

We have heard people blaming the dog for things that have gotten dirty around the house or the mess in the backyard, but blaming the dog for your hickey? Your relationship with the dog might be a little too close!

Middle School Drama

How can this girl be pregnant? She looks like she should be selling us Girl Scout cookies and not be worried about who the father of her baby is!

We Can’t Blame Him!

We do not support cheaters, but how can someone turn down free pizza?

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