Everybody has had those moments in school when you can do nothing but stare at test questions as though it has been written in another language. For foreign language classes, that usually is the case, but the point is that we have all been left with nothing but emptiness in our heads over a subject we are supposed to understand by the time the test rolls around. These are some hilarious examples of students who actually took these moments to outsmart their teachers. Were the attempts appreciated and rewarded? Probably not. But the witty humor remains for all of us to look at and wish that we had been clever enough to use the ideas.

The Math Wizard

What better answer is there? When it comes to math, all that really matters is that you get a number at the end, right?

The Musician Hater

Obviously, this kid doesn’t think much of the whole “practice makes perfect” thing.

Dear Mr. J…

Perhaps the most complex answer possible to a question that the kid obviously had no idea about. The teacher almost bought it, too.

You’re A Wizard, Harry!

Obviously this individual should drop math and pick up a literature class.

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