Animation has gradually evolved into one of the most reliable mediums of entertainment today. The scope and nature of stories covered using animation are truly imaginative, making full use of the capabilities of the medium to create any environment necessary for the sake of storytelling. There was virtually no distinction between cartoons and animated shows a couple of decades ago. Now the distinction is greater than ever, with a wide range of brilliant and dynamic series being developed specifically for the medium. Here is a list of the greatest animation shows created so far that cater only to a mature audience:

The Simpsons

While most people consider The Simpsons to be the tipping point, where cartoons spilled over into the category of a ‘complete family entertainer’, hard-core fans of the series only see a distant relative in Homer Simpson. The Simpsons have been around long enough to become one of the most widely recognized entities of pop-culture, uniting millions around the world and proving once and for all that humor begets ratings and even time itself.

The Venture Bros

There is nothing quite like The Venture Bros, animated or otherwise on television. Brimming with pop-culture driven humor, intense action sequences, an intriguing plotline and parodies of numerous beloved characters, the show moves at the speed of light and never ceases to entertain. According to its creators, the show is a tribute to failure and that makes a ridiculous amount of sense once you are properly acquainted with the venture family.

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