Yes, you can count carbs and calories to eat healthier, but what about artificial sugar? Studies have shown that consuming artificial sugar can lead to many negative things that are detrimental to your overall health, among them is obesity. With at least 20 alternatives to artificial sugar, this list can help you jump ship from artificial sweeteners and jump on the latest in natural sweeteners. From sweetening drinks to baked goods and marinades, there’s a natural sugar alternative for everything!

Coconut Sugar

Made from coconut tree sap, derived from the cut flower buds, coconut sugar is a nice alternative to artificial sugar. It works great in baking and also dissolves in cold and hot liquids and has a low-glycemic rating.

Whole Dates

Do you enjoy making smoothies? If so, the next time you make one, drop a couple of whole dates inside your blender to add sweetness the natural way! An additional benefit of using dates if that they’ll help you reach your daily recommended fiber intake.

Date Sugar

Since whole dates are very hard and dense, where they won’t work well, opt for date sugar instead. Date sugar is made from dehydrated, ground dates. Use date sugar in baking, mixing, sprinkling and more!

Whole Cane Sugar

Derived from the actual plant, whole sugar cane is basically pure dried sugar cane juice. It’s minimally processed and retains much of its natural vitamins and minerals. A popular brand of whole cane sugar is Sucanat.

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