Do you ever have one of those days when, as soon as you get out of bed, you know that everything is going to go wrong? The shirt you were going to wear has a stain down the front, the milk has gone bad, you get stuck in traffic and you’ve forgotten your wallet. Before you know it, your entire day has gone down the pan. Never fear! There is always someone who is having a worse time than you are and if you want to feel a bit better about yourself, this might just do the trick. If your day’s gone up in flames, spare a thought for these people; one look at their fate and you’ll thank yourself that your day was so good.

Frances Halliday – Frances Ha

If you think that you’re struggling to find your way in your 20’s, think again. In Frances Ha, we follow the lonely life of struggling dancer Frances Halliday, after she is brutally dumped by her best friend. Filled with social no-nos, awkward holidays and career missteps, Frances Ha will make you feel a little better about your own mistakes and convince you that things do get better, eventually.

Stu Shepherd – Phone Booth

An innocent passer-by picks up a ringing payphone and his entire day is ruined. When Stu Shepherd answers the call from a terrorist hitman, it’s possibly the worst mistake that he could make and boy, does he pay for it.

Barton Fink – Barton Fink

If you suddenly had the world adoring you, how would you take it? If your name is Barton Fink, the answer is not very well. After releasing a hit play, he is pressured to write a follow up hit and shuts himself off in a lonely hotel. The trouble is, there’s another guest there who has it in for Barton and no matter how he tries, he can’t seem to shake him off.

Jack Torrance – The Shining

It’s not hard to see why Jack Torrance goes a little loco in The Shining. Cut off from civilization, normal conversation and variety, he starts to take a turn for the worst and pretty soon, he’s plotting to kill his entire family. Things get very bad very quickly, but you have to ask yourself, what would you do in his situation?

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