Our world is an amalgam of so many fascinating elements, that the opportunity for an excellent and rare photograph seems to always be around the corner. When the lines between these elements blur, it leads to an alternate set of opportunities altogether. There is no doubt that there are many rare and bizarre occurrences on our planet on a regular basis and this happens because of two or more distinct elements coming together. What would happen if Hitler was interested in interior decoration? Or if we sent a camera into space to capture the northern lights? Here is a list of 20 interesting pictures that try to answer these brand of questions.

Nordlingen Built In Meteor Crater

Nordlingen is a Bavarian town that was built on a crater of a meteor that hit the Earth roughly 14 million years ago. The image of the crater and the symmetry of the town can be seen very clearly in this photograph.

There She Nearly Blows!

The natural heat produced within the Earth’s crust creates Geysers at various points on our planet. The eruption of a Geyser is a glorious sight but the point just before eruption looks extremely odd, as evidenced by this image.

The Lava Lake In Erta Ale

This beautiful image has been taken from atop the active volcano in Ethiopia. Erta Ale has been active for centuries now and the continuous stream of lava has now become a Lava Lake with temperatures that reach nearly 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Scaling Everest

This picture was taken in May 2013 when one of the largest expeditions to Mount Everest was underway. A large stream of people can be see diligently scaling the sides of the mighty Mountain. The experience must have been terrifying for the climbers but knowing they were all in this together must have been comforting as well.

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