People invent crazy gadgets all the time; some are quite out-of-the box with no rhyme or reason for their creation. They often make you scratch your head in wonder. But, among the crazy inventions there are also some pretty genius ones as well. We are always looking for things that will make our lives easier and in true form these awesome devices will certainly do the trick. Here are 20 mind-blowing inventions you wish you owned!

Goggles Umbrella

This dome shaped umbrella covers your entire head and face, so no more wet hair or ruined makeup…hooray! And thanks to the strategically placed goggles you can safely navigate your way to wherever.

Waterproof Touchscreen Keyboard

How could you not think this is a super cool invention? I mean, come on, this is a touchscreen keyboard, and if you accidentally spill coffee on it you can just easily wipe up the spill and carry on with your work.

Light-Saber Toasting Knife

Throw out your bulky toaster ovens and get with the innovative lightsaber toasting knife.Yes this is a knife that actually toasts the bread as you cut each slice. How genius is that?

Weight Watch Belt

I applaud the person who came up with the idea for the weight watch belt. If you really want to keep your diet and exercise regimen on track, then having a constant reminder that your waist is expanding is certainly one way to do it!

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  • lightsaber bread knife
  • lightsaber toaster knife
  • lightsaber toasting knife
  • the weight watch belt
  • waterproof touch screen keyboard
  • waterproof touchscreen keyboard
  • weight watch belt