It’s that time in August where every college student is hustling to grab their last minute dorm necessities before heading off to school. However, before rushing out to buy every available device that promises to be handy around the dorm, it can be a good idea to look at what you already have with a little creativity. It isn’t hard to find great and convenient uses for common dorm items you probably already own. With a little extra thought (and some help from great websites like this one), your next semester or year at school will be amazing.

Not Just For Hair!

Everybody (at least every female) can relate to the feeling of disappointment when the outfit you’d planned on wearing is covered in unsightly wrinkles. And lugging a full-on iron with the ironing board to school can be a waste of space for something that doesn’t happen often. So, use the other hot iron that just about every single girl has: a hair straightener! It’ll work great, and is easy to maneuver.

Get Organized!

Those clips that you have dozens of but never use? Put them to use in your dorm, by looping cords through the metal handles and clipping the end on a shelf or pole. This keeps all phone chargers in a neat row, where they won’t get tangled.

Extra Space, Used Wisely

Purchasing these awesome bed lifters not only gives you more storage space under the bed, but also adds several convenient outlets so that using your phone or laptop in bed doesn’t have to be as much of a hassle anymore!

Space Saver

In a small college dorm where bringing your own stove is heavily frowned upon, microwaves are the go-to option for cooking and heating food. Still, unless you’re preparing meals for one, it can be difficult to fit meals into the small space they offer. However, sticking a mug under the second bowl or plate elevates it, providing double the space!

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