Pun intended! Speaking of JAWS, it’s a shame the movie has given sharks such a bad reputation. Sure, there have been numerous shark attacks in recorded history, but none of them involved a giant great white shark hunting down a fishing boat with the intent of killing everyone on board. Sharks are really awesome creatures, and they aren’t hell-bent on destroying mankind. I bet you didn’t know that sharks might be the key to curing cancer. There is more to sharks than meets the eye, and the purpose of this list is to show you that. So, for the sake of this article, try to forget all of the preconceived notions you may have about sharks. Hopefully, when you’ve finished reading this list you’ll have a greater appreciation of these amazing animals.

What Came First, The Shark Or The Egg?

We’ll save that question for another day. Instead, let’s focus on the fact that a whale shark can lay eggs that get up to 14 inches in diameter! That’s the size of most large pizza orders. Because of this, it has been established that whale sharks lay the largest eggs out of any creature on earth.

Garbage Can Of The Sea

The tiger shark is known to be the second most dangerous shark in the world, primarily because it will eat just about anything! Nicknamed the “garbage can of the sea”, this underwater carnivore will eat almost anything that it comes across.

The Stuff Of Legends

Thanks to low-budget Sci-Fi films, the Megalodon has become a household name. This extinct beast is believed to have been larger than a T-Rex with a mouth big enough to swallow a car. Scientists believe that it resembled the modern day great white but stockier. Concrete evidence has yet to confirm it, but many people claim that the great beast still exists.

That’s Why They Call It A Sacrifice

Sharks are truly awesome creatures, and to some, they were considered godlike. In fact, some ancient Pacific Island tribes thought they were gods and would offer up members of their tribes as sacrifice to the great beasts. This tradition continued up until the nineteenth century.

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