Summer blockbusters have steadily increased their scope and scale over the past few years, with each Marvel and DC film playing a major role in raising viewer expectations from an action movie. ‘Avengers 2: Age of Ultron‘ and ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ are two of the most recent examples of movies relying on high-intensity action sequences to drive the story forward, even as the audience is blown away by the well choreographed scenes and realistic CGI. Action sequences didn’t look as polished or as believable less than a decade ago, which is why these 20 amazing action sequences deserve even more credit for standing the test of time:

Kill Bill – Taking On The Crazy 88’s

Quentin Tarantino has earned his place in the action movie hall of fame with his unique and highly-stylized portrayal of violence. One of his best works includes the scene in Kill Bill: Vol 1 where ‘The Lady’ takes on the band of assassins known as the ‘Crazy 88’s’.

Raid Redemption – Nearly Every Fight Sequence

‘Raid Redemption’ is one of those unique action movies that is brilliantly choreographed from start-to-finish. You can pick any of the brutal fights that take place in a dingy apartment complex overrun by thugs and it will be stunning enough to make this list.

Mission Impossible – Scaling The Burj Khalifa

The ‘Mission Impossible’ series was nearly dead until it was revived with a sensible sequel in ‘Ghost Protocol’. The series had become iconic thanks to the amazing stunts and daredevilry from Tom Cruise in the first and second installments. The latest film recaptured some of that magic by making Tom Cruise scale the side of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

The Dark Knight – Chasing The Joker

‘The Dark Knight’ is widely considered one of the best superhero-based films of all-time. One of the reasons it attained this honorable title was due to the amazing action sequences packed into the film, such as the genius segment where ‘Batman’ is chasing down ‘The Joker’ after he executes a carefully planned prison escape.

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